Harlem, New York: Apollo Theater 2013

Harlem, New York: Apollo Theater 2013

About Nomee 

Nohemi (pronounced NO-AMY) is the owner of Nomee Photography, she was born and raised in the city of Chicago. If you’re wondering why it’s Nomee Photography and not Nohemi's Photography it’s because her nieces and nephews as toddlers could not pronounce her name properly and it became an endearing nickname. So endearing it made sense to use it as the business name.

As an avid fan of the fine arts and especially photography, in 2005 she took classes to practice portraiture and black and white film photography. Since that time Nohemi has continued her focus on portraits of all types, women, families, mothers, sons and daughter. In recent month’s there has been an expansion in her work.  She has also grown her presence with photographing dancers in Chicago. I’ve had the opportunity to work with contemporary dancer and classical ballet dancers. With images featured in Streetwise and Dance Magazine she only wishes that her work with other artists can continue to reach the masses.

In a city like Chicago with her three children and lovely partner, the inspiration is endless. Having 10+ years of experience photographing women, men, children, mothers daughters, sons, dancers and so much more she couldn’t have done it without the start of those classes at Chicago Photography Center, where she learned to create images that captivate. Working with film at CPC she understands the process of perfecting images before or after they've been taken. Each image is treated with the same attention to detail that is provided through your pre-consultations, sessions, and portrait viewing/online galleries.

Throughout your photography experience with Nomee Photography, we hope that you see yourself the way those that love you already do.  Existing in photos and letting the beautiful you shine through. If you’re a person, no matter a dancer, woman, family member, sister, and or daughter she can make sure that happens. Book your session here.