Introducing the Beauty Video

Welcome to my blog, I hope to keep you entertained.

In November 2014 I set out to create a nehind the scenes video of what a beauty session was like with Nomee Photography. With it I also created a campaign for women to "Let the Beautiful You Shine Through". For this session I did a model call and my three selected were Veronica, Yoshi, and Kiara. 

My typical beauty sessions consist of a bit of my wardrobe, a lot of my clients wardrobe, but not without doing their hair and make-up. For this group of sessions Jennifer did an amazing job (if you can check out her Facebook page). 

Each session is about 2 hours, we first walk through the looks we will photograph, we then select the best hairdo for your looks and make-up. We then move on to taking your photos. I work with posing and creating the best set-up for your looks. Stand tall and chin out, you'll hear me repeat that a lot.

So if you're wondering what that looks like in roughly 2 minutes view the wonderful video that Steve  (who's an awesome Chicago artist go check out his website) created for me. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do. I loved everything about the experience I created for the women (as you'll see in the video I got my make-up artist to let me photograph her as well, how could I not, she is beautiful). 

"Let the Beautiful You Shine Through" began here and I continue to push and make everyday women feel as beautiful as they are.