Pregnancy Photos and Unique Personalities

The joy of expecting exudes Katrina as she came to the studio for some photos to commemorate such a wonderful time in her life.

My focus for maternity photos is simple, capture the emotion of mom to be, her belly and her partner. In this case, not only did we do those poses, we had some fun. As fans of Selena and Stone Cold Steve Austin they brought some cool props to wear. I laughed, they laughed…but better yet. They brought their conehead props too. I couldn’t have laughed any harder than watching them walk around and pose in their cone heads and sunglasses.

For the more traditional shots, Katrina carries a very bohemian vibe and I loved her velvet dress. We also made sure to change it up a bit with this mustard last crop top and flowy grey skirt.

katrina maternity photos | Nomee Photography | Chicago Studio

If you follow my work, creating dark backgrounds and moody images are a staple. I couldn’t let Katrina leave the studio without doing the same for her.

katrina maternity photos | Nomee Photography | Chicago Studio

There’s nothing more inspiring than working with clients that aren’t afraid to be themselves and can trust me to bring that out of them. And that they did.