Why Printing Your Photos is Important

Printing is Important! You may ask why in a day and age of digital images would that be necessary and the answer is simple, because what else can make a memory/moment in time stand still and not require electricity to access? What other object, other than a photograph, cause nostalgia, joy, sadness, excitement and every other emotion possible? You’re right it’s a printed photo. How many times have we opened our parents photo albums and look through each page and every image and they spark a moment that would otherwise not be remembered? Yes, that’s a printed photo. 

Reveal table with a Foliobox and matted print on a stand.

Reveal table with a Foliobox and matted print on a stand.

We could argue there are many ways to save and secure photos digitally, but that’s not relevant in this post, not really, considering how quickly technology evolves, there’s no telling how our phones and computers will function 10 years from now. I mean think about floppy disks, I’m not even sure when those disappeared. So for the sake of letting you know how amazing it is to have a tangible product that doesn’t require any adjusting with time, we’ll agree to disagree why digital shouldn’t be our only method of saving our images.

In my effort to continue the tradition of printing photographs for our loved ones, I’ve dedicated my photo sessions to produce prints for my clients. It was not an easy transition, to go from offering digital images to offering prints as a main product. I always understand that you want to share the photos on social media. I love sharing mine on Facebook. And the digitals have not disappeared from our product line. We’ve decided to make them part of the prints. EVERY print includes a digital for you to share to your hearts’ content. What made us strictly move from only digitals to prints was the feedback we received. Clients were not doing anything with the digital photographs. They were shared online and as quickly as you could scroll through today’s posts they were almost forgotten. The disc to be tossed in a desk drawer and left to work and print from at a later date, only that day never comes. We have good intentions we want to print them, create our albums and collages and gift them to our relatives, but we find ourselves often too busy to dedicate that time to creating and going through those images to print them. It’s not an easy task, I definitely understand. So I’m here to help, help make sure you no longer have to worry about printing them yourself, I’ve created a one stop service to produce the prints and include the digital photo. Isn’t that exciting? Of course it is!

Marcia viewing her matted prints stored in a foliobox

When we print our photos there is such joy in seeing the clients face as they touch and open their products. They are easily displayed on a stand, hung on a wall or put away in the boxes available for storing. The next time you have a photo shoot consider doing the session with a photographer that offers prints. It’s important to print your photos because our children and their children and all of the children after that will have a chance to hear stories about the image and those in them. Someone will smile, and we’ll always live on in these photos.